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On Leading, Managing and Co-creating in the Connected Workplace

1.  Customers, employees and other stakeholders are all interconnected, and have access to most, if not all the information that everyone else has This fact has large implications for any organization.  It means that you can’t hide – anywhere. Michael Schrage of MIT puts it very succinctly: Networks make organizational culture and politics explicit It’s… Read more »

“What If Everything Ran Like The Internet ?” – Guest Post

Published below is what I think we can consider to be a seminal piece by my friend Dave Pollard. And .. just in case some smart alec suggests that there’s much on the Internet that is shadowy, stupid, banal, disgusting, irrelevant, etc., yes that’s all true.  This is a conceptual piece that outlines the systemic-level… Read more »

Competency Models – HR & Understanding Work in the Network Era

Competency models and profiles are a cornerstone of HR methods and practices in today’s enterprise.  They play a central role in: recruiting learning / training & development performance management, and (increasingly) compensation philosophy and practices Competency analysis and profiling was developed from the work of David McLelland, a professor of psychology at Harvard University in the… Read more »

Co-Creating as Disruption to the Dominant Cultural Framework

“Vision requires execution…execution requires relationships…relationships require trust” Steve Case Co-creating ..   .. is a term we’re starting to hear very often, and perhaps too often too soon.   I think it might cheapen and mis-direct the important process of making deep changes to the ‘colonization’ (due to the rampant corporatism of today) of the… Read more »

For the Record: On the Origins of “Wirearchy”

I’ve been noticing .. and friends have been telling me about .. the increased use of the term and concept “wirearchy” in the social business and social learning business arenas. I don’t mind its increased use .. it’s just a neologism, after all .. but most of the the increased use comes from consulting (Deloitte… Read more »

Have We Arrived In “Brave New World” ?

No, we don’t clone and decant children yet, but … I’ve recently been re-reading Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, published in 1932. It’s a widely known book, having been on many high-school and university curricula over the past 50+ years. A drastically dystopian novel, in it Huxley parodies in a phantasmagorical way the core dynamics… Read more »