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Future of Work Research Report Calls For More Wirearchy

For many years, Bill Jensen of has been studying and advising on how to cut through the built-up clutter and confusion in the workplace in order to get to the simple and effective beliefs and practices that brings peoples’ work lives to life. I first came across his work in 2003 via the book “Work

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The Future of Work Inside Traditional Hierarchies

Making Wirearchy operable is hard work. Hierarchy in an organisational context is represented by clear lines and boxes showing who reports to how, with job titles that say clearly what someone is responsible for.  For most people this is much easier to see, decode and understand.  But it doesn’t respond very well to constantly-changing information-saturated

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Stowe Boyd’s Socialogy Interview (December 2014)

Jon Husband is an old friend, and I have been planning to involve him in Socialogy since I started the project, but the timing hadn’t worked out until now. About Jon Jon describes himself in this way: I am a coach, consultant, writer and public speaker regarding the structure and dynamics of organizations and the

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Leading and Managing People Must Evolve in the Networked Era

For the past few years there have been increasingly numerous and strident calls for fundamental make-overs of both management and leadership. One of the most recent that has high visibility (Forbes Magazine) is Steve Denning’s «Why Most Of What We Know About Management Is Just Plain, Flat, Dead Wrong“. People everywhere are clicking into the fact

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An HR Management Framework for the Connected Enterprise

I am using the term ‘framework’ loosely. I think no one really knows what the massive gradual transition to social computing and collaboration as core work activities means in practical terms for today’s (and tomorrow’s) human resources professionals and the people management processes and practices they design, implement, coach and manage. I say that with

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10 Key Points About the Future of Work

1. Customers, employees and other stakeholders are all interconnected, and have access to most, if not all the information that everyone else has   This fact has large implications for any organization. It means that you can’t hide – anywhere. Michael Schrage of MIT puts it very succinctly: “Networks make organizational culture and politics explicit”

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Overheard – From Scratch

Nigel Paine, ex-Head of Learning of the BBC and a respected authority on learning in the connected era, offered me the privilege of being interviewed for his series called “From Scratch” on organizations and learning.

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