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Have We Arrived In “Brave New World” ?

No, we don’t clone and decant children yet, but … I’ve recently been re-reading Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, published in 1932. It’s a widely known book, having been on many high-school and university curricula over the past 50+ years. A drastically dystopian novel, in it Huxley parodies in a phantasmagorical way the core dynamics… Read more »

A Blast From My Past ;-)

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about the start-up Qumana, co-founded in 2003. Tonight I happened to run across the image posted below, and that made me wander back in time a bit. I think we were early .. we got a fair bit of traction. But even back then it was clear… Read more »

Learning at the Speed of Links and Conversations

Originally published in October 2012 in the magazine Chief Learning Officer (CLO) We all learn … every day. It’s an essential capability, which has brought us rapid advancement as a species over the past several thousand years. Learning is even more important in today’s hyper-linked, inter-connected world wherein pertinent flows of information are accelerating. In… Read more »

A framework for Management Innovation exists .. we just don’t call it “Management”

Summary Management innovation is available from the world of organizational development, as its principles and dynamics are closely aligned to Hamel’s suggestion that “activities will still need to be coordinated, individual efforts aligned, objectives decided upon, knowledge disseminated, and resources allocated, but increasingly this work will be distributed out to the periphery“. Moonshot(s) (G. Hamel’s… Read more »

What is Wirearchy ?

Over the past 10+ years, thousands of people have asked me “what is wirearchy ?“. There’s one common misconception that I’d like to clear up first, cialis which is that wirearchy is mainly about technology. If anything, wirearchy is about the power and effectiveness of people working together through connection and collaboration … taking responsibility… Read more »

“Go With The Flow” .. CIO Magazine (NZ & Aus.) Interview

I was interviewed by IT journalist Beverley Head in the summer of 2007 about the early emergence of social networks and the networked knowledge workplace. This was shortly after the term Enterprise 2.0 was coined, and well before the term “Social Business”.  

“Do You Know About Wirearchy” .. Interview (From 2007)

Earlier this year (2007) Traci Fenton (founder of had the opportunity to talk with Jon Husband, founder of a blog on “wirearchy” a term he coined and defines as “a dynamic flow of power and authority based on trust, knowledge, credibility and a focus on results enabled by interconnected people and technology.”

Why the Human Dynamics of ‘Digital Transformation’ Initiatives Are Likely to Remain Difficult

  Horizontal networking often creates dissonance in the vertical enterprise The vertical structure of knowledge did not foresee the coming of horizontal networking tools now shaping today’s workplace. Today, there’s a lot of chatter about bottom-up versus top-down, the collective wisdom of the organizational crowd, and various related themes.