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10 General Principles for Leading and Managing in the Interconnected Knowledge Workplace

As some readers may know, I’ve worked with organizations on human resources, organizational/work design and organizational effectiveness issues for most of the past two-and-a-half decades. I’ve also been reasonably deeply involved for the past decade with the evolution of the Web and networks and how they impact knowledge work, work design, collaboration, knowledge management, and… Read more »

Traditional Hierarchy as Today’s Prosthesis For Trust ?

In the wake of the breaking revelation’s of Lehman Bros. alleged Enron-like accounting fraud, Chris Hayes offers the following essay in Time magazine (am I actually linking to Time ?) The Twilight of the Elites In the past decade, nearly every pillar institution in American society — whether it’s General Motors, Congress, Wall Street, Major… Read more »

Performance Management in an Enterprise 2.0 Context

First … no answers here.  Only questions and ideas based on past HR experience, observations and some familiarity with interactive and participative dynamics online. Back in January in one of the sections of a post titled “Exploring the HR Management Framework for Enterprise 2.0” I offered up the following: . Employee Performance Performance management has been… Read more »

Noticed … Why Network Thinking Is Different

From a post by Ed Morrison, who seems attached to the Purdue University Center for Regional Development. The whole post is well worth reading, and fits well with the working definition of wirearchy. Why network thinking is different [ Snip … ] In hierarchies, we are looking for the singular leader with the powerful vision…. Read more »

We Know This In Our Bones … Don’t We ?

That we evolve as we are involved with each other ?  For better and for worse, medicine it seems, on balance of all the evidence. Via the NY Times … read the full article here. Human Culture, an Evolutionary Force   By NICHOLAS WADE   As with any other species, human populations are shaped by the… Read more »

Breaking News From the Comments Section

As I carried out my usual early-morning browsing, this caught my eye. It’s from the comments section of a blog where economist Dean Baker was invited to participate in an on-line salon discussion of his new book “False Profits: Recovering from the Bubble Economy“.  This comment is the first one by Baker in response to… Read more »

HR and E2.0 The Beginnings of a Competency-Model Foundation

Competency models and profiles are a cornerstone of HR methods and practices in today’s enterprise.  They play a central role in: recruiting learning / training & development performance management, and (increasingly) compensation philosophy and practices Competency analysis and profiling was developed from the work of David McLellan, a professor of psychology at Harvard University in the… Read more »

W2 Community Media Arts Centre – Official Opening in Time for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Unfortunately, it’s coming to be called the Spring Olympics .. but seriously, there’s lots of snow at Whistler. Also … the 2010 Winter Olympics will be the first in history to have an independent media centre.  The rise of social media over the last five years means that the accreditation of various people-and-purpose users of… Read more »