Networked people and flows of information are changing pretty much everything about how we work.

Although the changing nature of (networked) work began in earnest 15 years ago, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a rapid and massive shift to remote working, which is accelerating and embedding these fundamental changes.

I speak about how networks are changing organizational structures, creating new models and dynamics for knowledge work.

I have spoken on the following popular topics:

– The future of work
– Self-management and self-organization
– Leadership
– Teamwork
– Communications
– Culture transformation
– Change management
– Technological disruption
– Future trends

I’ve spoken or been a panellist at the following events:

– Agile Days Turkey
– Aliter Concept – Learning Community on Managerial Innovation
– Change in the Age of Disruption – Change Management Institute of Australia
– CIO Summit
– FASTForward Users’ Conference
– Gartner Group Annual Users Conference
– GSoft
– HEC, Université de Montréal
– HP Global Branding and Communications Strategic Retreat
– London Learning and Development Forum
– Enterprise 2.0 Summit
– Institut Boostzone
– KMWorld (2008, 2010, 2011, 2014)
– McGill University, Faculty of Management
– MMA Université d’Été
– Near Future of Education
– Pentalog Live
– Reboot 2009
– Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) Annual Strategic Retreat
– SIBOS Innotribe Conference
– Social Now
– Spark the Change
– Webcom Montréal
– Workstock
– World at Work Annual Conference