Not Coming To a Theatre Near You

From a review of a new documentary film titled Orwell Rolls In His Grave:

Orwell Rolls In His Grave is an excellent film that, unfortunately, nobody will ever get to see. This independent documentary, directed by Robert Kane Pappas, takes a deeply disturbing look at how mass media in the United States is controlled by only a handful of large corporations. The movie’s premise is that these large corporations have one goal: to get larger and control the system that reports the news. To this end, big media has aligned itself with the conservative Republican political minority and has pushed their selfish agenda in order to gain political favor and build fortunes.

 Punctuated with quotes and phrases from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, this film takes issues that many people may already suspect to be true and presents it with sound and video. The movie is a good presentation of how American society has turned into an oligarchy of frightening proportions. In some sense, Orwell Rolls In His Grave is a pretty depressing film. To think that the wealthiest one-tenths of one percent of the country is in control of the largest corporations, the executive and judicial branches of government and the mass media is something that challenges our notions of freedom and democracy

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