Here’s an article in which I am cited alongside Karl Moore and Henry Mintzberg.

Montreal’s Three Wise Men, by Dan Pontefract

I provide coaching, strategic conversations and practical insights to executives, managers and professionals about effectiveness in the growing complexity of today’s interconnectedness.

I design and deliver customized workshops focused on practical responses to the growing impact of wirearchy, an emerging organizing principle for the hyperlinked environment in which we all live and work from now on.

The networked era is here to stay, and it is essential to understand how to operate effectively.

Are you a decision-maker, a leader, manager or professional who:

  • understands that everything and everyone will be connected, and that this new environment is not going away ?
  • realizes that networked exchanges of information is now the fundamental environment for virtually everything done in and by people in most organizations today ?
  • keeps hearing from colleagues and professional peers that the HR department really needs to change and that management should understand networks and today’s media world better?

Are you interested in greater effectiveness, both for yourself and your organization ?

Traditional hierarchy is still by-and-large the rule. You probably owe a lot of your success to the ways it has operated during the past 50 years, right up until now.

BUT networks are here to stay. Their impacts on organization structures, culture and management practices are growing and spreading every week, every month.

I understand traditional hierarchies very well. I also understand the Web, network dynamics and the sociology and psychology that these new conditions are demanding of us.

I can help you in the following ways:

  • Build understanding and develop strategies for engaging more effectively with your networked markets and connected employees
  • Create and use effectively your own ecosystem of connected information flows
  • Use Social Network Analysis (SNA) to X-Ray and visually understand various areas of organizational effectiveness
  • Use participation in social networks to accelerate your leadership abilities in ways that demonstrate to employees that you are listening and have heard what they have to say.  You don’t have to agree all the time. You have to be able to show that you recognize that they have a voice and that you understand what they have offered as input.
  • Be prepared to respond quickly and effectively when messy, wicked and difficult challenges emerge
  • Get interested in and energized by what promises to be a very interesting next ten years.

About Jon Husband

I am a coach, consultant, writer and public speaker focused on the structure and dynamics of organizations and the struggles to move past industrial-era assumptions toward deep engagement of knowledge workers and citizens.

I have been studying the structural, sociological and psychological aspects of collaborative knowledge work for the past 35 years. I have been a practitioner as a consultant and a coach for the past 25 years.

Up until the mid-90’s I acted as a Senior Principal for the Hay Group in the firm’s flagship office in London, UK.  I worked with major national and multi-national enterprises on HR strategy, leadership and management development models, and on strategy, communications and activities for organizational change initiatives. I know the mechanics and dynamics of traditional organizations inside-out and up-and-down (so to speak).

For the past 15 years I have been deeply involved with the Web, blogging and wikis, collaborative work platforms, and the sociological, psychological and behavioural implications of leading and managing in an interconnected and networked environment.

I bring a deep understanding of human psychology and the fundamental principles of self-organizing systems to a networked organizational environment where autonomy and decentralized decision-making are becoming more important every month.

My core services are:

  • designing and carrying out customized coaching plans
  • designing and delivering customized workshops for small groups of committed explorers
  • working with teams to co-create effective responses to messy wicked organizational problems
  • speaking to small and large groups in order to educate, motivate and inspire towards effective actions

If you want to get in touch with me … jon.husband AT