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Learning Through Criticism …

I rarely search for references to the ideas and concepts I have been working on, but today I decided to use Twitter search. I ran across the following two tweets. @sleslie wirearchy? really? wirearchy? I’m not anti-neologism, but that is the only time you’ll see me use the word @cosmopoetica @sleslie No kidding.Wirearchy is one of the dumber ones… Lire la suite »

Wirearchy Is NOT Replacing Hierarchy

That’s obvious. One of the most exasperating things to me when conversing about the notion of wirearchy is that many people seem to think (almost always, in fact) that I am advocating, or predicting, that hierarchy as the core organizing principle for people’s activities will be replaced, or should be replaced, by anarchic group swarming… Lire la suite »

Bruce Mau’s “Incomplete Manifesto For Growth” Revisited

Bruce Mau is a world-reknowned Canadian designer who first published the following manifesto on learning in 1998. I stumbled upon it again recently when I unearthed a decade-old copy of the FAST COMPANY magazine.  See the previous post. Social networks and social computing have arisen into prominence during this past decade. I was struck by… Lire la suite »

Social Learning in The Enterprise, and What It Means for “Organizational Change”

I remember very my first inspiration for becoming a management consultant.  It came from reading Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s book “The Changemasters – Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the American Corporation“, in 1985 shortly after it was published. I already knew I was interested in organizations as social systems from my university days, but the book excited… Lire la suite »

Fishnet Organizations – Temporary and Flexible Hierarchies

Fifteen months ago, the Globe and Mail published a review of Gary Hamel’s “The Future of Management”.  The review reminded me of a concept I had come across years earlier.   The End of Management As We Know It ?  [ Snip … ]  We also must learn from the Internet’s example of widespread, leaderless… Lire la suite »