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More Disruption in the Forecast …

Here’s a thoughtful and well-laid-out Prezi that (for me) puts into perspective much of the talk about push-vs.-pull, top-down vs. bottom-up and emergence-of-complexity-and-how-shall-we-deal-with-it commentary that I regularly see streaming in front of my eyes, whether as a link, a video clip, a blog post or on- or off-line article, an 140-character detailed explanation of some… Lire la suite »

Why Are They Always So Much The Same ?

.. and why are they   1) always highlighting the same responses and answers, and   2) why do attendees keep seeking answers and / or pointers to the same problems, over and over again ?

New Book Launched … France and Québec

After three years of interesting, deep and life-inspiring collaboration with Michel Cartier, a brilliant and humble man that I respect without reservations, La Société Émergente du XXIe Siècle is in bookstores and online now in France, and is expected to be in bookstores in Québec in early December.

Wirearchy in Action … Charlene Li on Open Leadership

Charlene Li has developed a short and concise presentation about the implications of the networked workplace for leaders.   By and large it reinforces Harold Jarche’s (and many others) notion that work has become a process of continual learning.  I think it’s obvious that organizations should take greater notice and speed up a necessary adaptation… Lire la suite »

Two Examples of Wirearchy in Action

I’ve been on semi-hiatus for the last month or so … gathering thoughts, shaking off the winter, watching the world unfold, some project work, speaking at a few conferences … but not blogging.  I’ll work my way back into it as it happens.

Medium As Meaning, Social As Business ?

The term “social business” seems to be taking root.  It seems currently to be accepted as a positive force for addressing in humanizing ways the lingering effects of the industrial-era workplace, and is spreading wide pretty quickly. This is generally a good thing for which I am all in (see the interview by WorldBlu on… Lire la suite »

That “Wayback Machine” .. It’s So Cool

Just went exploring, found one of my previous versions of because I was looking for an animation that explained wirearchy quickly ..   …and, I found it !   If you click here … once on the 2006 version of, click on the first image at the top of the right-hand sidebar, you’ll get a… Lire la suite »

Have We Finally Entered a Fundamental Rupture With the Past ?

This piece was written a year or so ago, prior to the major bank bailouts in the US, the UK and elsewhere around the world, the attempted re-scheduling of Dubai’s debt, the increased polarization in the USA related to the struggle over providing more access to health care for all Americans, the crisi of legitimacy… Lire la suite »