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Overheard – From Scratch

Nigel Paine, hospital ex-Head of Learning of the BBC and a respected authority on learning in the connected era, dosage offered me the privilege of being interviewed for his series called “From Scratch” on organizations and learning.

Post-Normal – Things Will Slide In All Directions

The title of this article is my combination of a term (post-normal) I learned from Stowe Boyd and a line from Leonard Cohen’s anthem “The Future” Fundamental innovation in business, education, culture-making and the arts  is aimed at catalyzing and supporting cultural transformation. As we face concurrent crises around the globe today, there is a

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Push Hierarchy? Pull Hierarchy? Holacracy? Holarchy? Heterarchy? Wirearchy?

Each of these models (or concepts) have their purpose and place, and to a significant degree which one will be most effective will depend upon how an organization wants to respond to the fundamental issues of flexibility, agility, responsiveness, execution and forward stability.  And it is also important to pay attention to and understand the

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Knowledge, Trust, Credibility and a Focus on Results — Are They Factors That Disrupt or Help Society Evolve ?

I was recently asked to provide some thoughts to a yet-to-be published book about designing purposeful flows of information and interaction. Specifically, I was asked to provide thoughts and opinions about what kinds of impact may result from the increasing presence and volume of flows of information amongst interconnected people.   Based upon our individual

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Knowledge, power, and an historic shift in work and organizational design

“Social business is not dead. I’m learning that the most advanced organizations see social not as a technology movement but instead one of culture and philosophy But the challenge is that social media strategists may actually be hampering its potential by not helping executives see the bigger picture beyond the technology.” (Brian Solis) ***************************************************************************** Horizontal

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Thoughts on Evolving From Modern (Machine) Hierarchy to Adaptive (Ecosystem) Wirearchy

During an hiatus from blogging the notion of wirearchy continued to hang around and get noticed here and there.  Recently it seems that awareness has been spreading and growing.  I hope this continues.  Over the past decade a large number of people have asked, once interested in the neologism wirearchy, what it is and most

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The Intersection of People, Information and New Forms of Technology Changes Everything (Eventually)

The following seven sections of this essay are the summaries of the ‘chapters’ of an essay written in French (and abundantly annotated by schema and concept maps) by Michel Cartier. I have often said to many people that I believe he is the francophone world’s version of Marshall McLuhan.  I realize that many people think

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Re-discovering Parts of the Path to Wirearchy

(Re-published from 2009) My storage space is a reasonably organized mess.  However, recently I decided to sort it out at a fundamental level for once and for all, or at least until the next time things accumulate to the point where it’s not orderly.  How anal of me.  Oh, well.  Most of the next two

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Hacking As Purposeful Organizational Change

For the past several years we’ve heard lots about BarCamps, WordCamps, BookCamps, GovJams, Unconferences, Hackathons and various forms of collaborative spaces, etc. All of these represent forms of organization in which people come together and group around a purpose with the objective of carrying out some practical experiments. Typically today such groupings are invited, planned

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