Wirearchy – The eBook

While the Internet, the Web and hyperlinks are having a dramatic impact on all aspects of human activities,  the late-stage industrial era hierarchical workplace has strenuously resisted this impact.

But people and information are now connected, computerized and mobile and these conditions will continue to grow and spread.

wirearchy the ebook

This eBook is an exploration of critical issues to consider.  It will help decision-makers, professionals and practitioners think through the organizational netscape of the future.

The authors are seasoned practitioners in their respective fields, and all share a human-centered orientation to effective and constructive change.

Table of Contents


1.  What Is Wirearchy? – Jon Husband

2.  Organizational Blindness – Thierry de Baillon

3.  What Happens in the White Space on your Organization Chart? – Valdis Krebs

4.  The Triple-A Organization and PKM – Harold Jarche

5.  Exploring Skills for Complex, Connected Work – Anne Marie McEwan

6.  Wirearchy – the Personal Transformation Journey – Luis Suarez

7.  Network Mapping – the best way to make the transformation to a Network? – Rob Paterson

8.  Re-inventing HR for the Connected Economy – Valdis Krebs & Jon Husband

9.  Wirearchy in the Workplace – Jane McConnell

10. Peloton Formations: the responsive, adaptive organisation – Richard Martin

About the contributors

Frederic Williquet (illustrations)

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