To Sell or Not To Sell ?


That is my question …


Mb 300 CE Front Right Full View





A sweet two-week drive across the country .. through the Canadian Rockies and down the Columbia Icefields Parkway, across the Great Plains, across the top of Lake Superior and through northern Ontario and down through the Gatineau would be superb !

Appropriate music through each region based on scenery, mood, reflections, etc. Sunroof open. Hi-beams on for hours at a stretch when the road is flat and long. Cruise in a German luxury tank at 150 kph, hours on end. If it’s in May, I could have a small tent in the trunk.

A fire and a cold beer as the sun sets on some lake, or along a river.

Might be the last time I’m in front of such an opportunity (well, actually it’s the kind of thing you could decide to do any time you want, really … it’s just that the possibility is soon and real).

Hmmm …


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