“Before today’s discussions of social business, transparency, the humanization of work, and the democratization of the workplace with ideas such as Holacracy, there was the concept of Wirearchy.

I believe Wirearchy is the corner stone for the transformative talk we are seeing more and more of today. Without really understanding this foundational element though, we run the risk of incidentals becoming the essentials in the work we do in our increasingly interconnected world.”

–  Mark Britz, senior manager at the eLearning Guild


“Jon has greater insight into the structural impact online networks will have on our organisations than anyone else I know. His deep grounding in the existing systems, combined with his passion for their emerging alternatives, make him a powerful force for change.

But more importantly Jon cares deeply about the relationships that these networks enable and that will transform the world of work. I have known him for more than a decade and it is testimony to his effective use of the online networks that we both use that I count him as a real friend.”

–  Euan Semple,  author of “Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do”


“Jon, you have more fans for your oh-so-essential work on wirearchy. My current client has put me in front of some team managers who I introduced to the concept, who are so excited by the revolution it could bring to how they co-work and co-create across the South-East region.

Happier still, their Regional Manager who is delighted they are taking up more authority and responsibility for how their work works. Just thought I’d let you know of the ripple(s) your work is beginning to create.”

–  John Wenger, founder of Quantum Shift Global


“If you are looking to the future and how to shape your organization for tomorrow then no-one is more wired into the literature, stories, examples and what works than Jon.”

“I go to Jon and end up thinking more creatively about what could be. Organizations must change and Jon’s breadth of knowledge is the starting point for wiring right for change.”

 –  Stuart Henshall, founder of convo.org – digital anthropology


“I don’t know anyone who has thought about the changes happening to organisations in the 21st Century more deeply than Jon Husband. He was way ahead of the game in his thinking on wirearchy — and he combines this with a deep understanding of all the management systems that preceded it.

Maybe the most important characteristic Jon brings to this is a remarkable personal modesty. I think that’s a quality more of us need to embed as we try to manage the challenges before. There are plenty of big name advisors out there but if you want a deep thinker, talk to Jon.”

–  Johnnie Moore, Improv facilitation sherpa


“Jon Husband lives what he studies — the shift in working relationships from large hierarchies to dynamic networks. He calls these networks wirearchies and he has been observing, and sometimes shaping, their emergence for more than 20 years.

If you need someone to help you to shift your organization (or your own career) into a more productive and creative mode talk to Jon. He will open your mind to the potential of wirearchies and then help you to move forward.”

– Steven Forth, founder and CEO of TeamFit, team performance productivity platform


“As usage of the web spread, we had no shortage of pundits claiming everything was being overturned by it.

Jon Husband, with his fifteen years of developing his nuanced view of Wirearchy, is a breath of fresh air. While seeing, far in advance of social networks and mashups, how the services of the web would make it possible for self-organising, peer-led teams would emerge, Husband also saw the critical continuing role of improved traditional hierarchies to mobilise resources, transcend boundaries, handle risk, and organise work that is actually better done in a structured manner.

From startups to well-established enterprises wrestling with this challenge of balance and appropriate structure, to helping cities and cultures to grow into the challenging and turbulent twenty-first century, Jon Husband’s Wirearchy and related insights are essential”.

– Bruce Stewart, former vice-president, global executive development practice, Gartner Group, and former director, iSchool at the University of Toronto