More Disruption in the Forecast …

Here’s a thoughtful and well-laid-out Prezi that (for me) puts into perspective much of the talk about push-vs.-pull, top-down vs. bottom-up and emergence-of-complexity-and-how-shall-we-deal-with-it commentary that I regularly see streaming in front of my eyes, whether as a link, a video clip, a blog post or on- or off-line article, an 140-character detailed explanation of some concept-or-other, etc.

If the “paradigm” in paradigm-shift is to be taken seriously, then (as one of the slides points out) we are still very early in the meaning-making and exploring-what-this-new-paradigm-will-be stage of a very large and permanent transition to … something else.

Watch it .. it’s worth your time and attention.


New Economy, New Wealth (Arthur Brock)



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