Blogging, Transparency and Emergent Democracy

According to Jeff Jarvis at the Personal Democracy conference …

The panel turned into pounding Rep. Andrew Weiner on blogging.

He doesn’t think he needs to blog — but then, he doesn’t fully understand what blogging is (even though he reads them when links are sent to him). Like media people, he still thinks blogs are like forums with unbridled comments and nastiness (he said everytime he appears on FoxNews, he gets 100 anti-Semitic messages and he fears that).

But he needs to understand that having a blog is all about transparency and communication and conversation.

 What I saw clearly is that if we want our politicians to blog, we need to help them. We need to hold a session for them to educate them and their staffs on blogging and citizens’ media and the benefits of them. We need to create tools and tutorials that match their needs.

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