Knowing how people connect, collaborate and create social and economic value is essential for today’s and tomorrow’s world.

The impacts of how connected humans and information generate networked information flows are growing rapidly on how people get things done.

The emergent principle of wirearchy clarifies the dynamics of networked environments, and brings the “soft skills” of managing people and work into focus.

The soft stuff is the hard stuff

wirearchy the ebook

I can help:

–  Build effective engagement strategies for networked ecosystems of information, purpose and meaning,

–  Use Social Network Analysis (SNA) to make visible what’s actually happening in networks,

–  Demonstrate you are listening and have heard.  Listening and being present are critical skills in networks

–  Explore various organizational designs, patterns of activity and desirable cultural characteristics,

–  Get interested in and energized by the challenges of operating in networks.

Core services:

– Strategic conversations one-on-one or in small groups about ways to increase effectiveness in complex ecosystems of people and information flows

–  Personalized and customized coaching

–  Workshops for small groups of committed explorers

–  Working with teams to co-create effective responses to messy wicked organizational problems

–  Speaking to small and large groups to educate, motivate and design effective actions

If you want to get in touch with me:

jon.husband AT