The Personalization of Knowledge Work in the Interconnected Era

The brief post set out below (The Personal Enterprise) comes from Peter Kim, shop Managing Director of the Dachis Group.  It reminded me of the many times I have written about the personalization of knowledge work, viagra or the mass customization of knowledge work.

It should also be a brief bit of additional inspiration for my friends at PersonAll, an innovative French startup which I believe stands a good chance of making a splash in the collaboration arena.

What Peter does not explore here, though I am sure he is as aware of it as me (and probably more so) is that in addition to the devices he cites, each individual is likely to have her or his own configuration of social / productivity apps installed (that is of course subject to the usually-too-rigid constraints of your friendly local corporate IT director, if you work in an organization of any size).


The personalization of the enterprise is already happening. It couldn’t be more obvious these days.

People are literally carrying two laptops and two cellphones with them. Sit down in any meeting (although I notice this trend far more in the US than in Canada right now) and you can be sure that a handful of the people there will reach in one pocket for their Blackberry, and then they will reach in to another pocket for their iPhone.


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