Blogs, Work Groups and Collective Intelligence

From Roland Tanglao’s blog, via

I, and others like Roland, and Ton Ziljstra and Lilia Efimova and Euan ….  heck, most of the bloggers I know who have an awareness of knowledge work and what is called “knowledge management”, have been saying this in various ways for the last two years.

This is very nicely put.  Thanks, Will (and Roland).

In an organization blogs can operate much the same way. They become open spaces where people can create their own path. Discussions emerge and the lines wear deeper into the solid ground, creating meaningful relationships built on common interests.

We’re bombarded with marketing ballyhoo about how technology is redefining not just how we work, but actually speeding up the pace of change itself.

It is, and has reached a point well beyond any leader’s ability to stay on top of it all. Just as delegating responsibilty ensures the smooth operation of an organization, empowering a team with weblogs allows the collective IQ to stay current. 

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