Two Solitudes – Them n’ Us

Left Behind by The Rapture – that’s me for sure.  I’m one of us, and I live in a world that “them” never even looks at or thinks about.  And, it’s vice-versa … but they sound a lot more certain and ferocious than me and my convictions.

I’ve been reading an awesomely brilliant examination – a summary of his field research, really – of a fellow who actually knows and talks to fundamentalists (his family), and who knows quite a bit about how the big-dog fundamentalists have come to have such a hold on the American nation, and thus world events.

From Counterpunch,  Joe Bageant offers us The Covert Kingdom – Thy Will be Done, On Earth as It Is In Texas.

IMO it’s a must-read.

The most significant thing about the Left Behind series  is that, although they are classified as “fiction,” most fundamentalist readers I know accept the series as an absolute  reality soon coming to a godless planet near you.

It helps to  understand that everything is literal in the Fundamentalist voter  universe.

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