If I Were Clever (or More Disciplined) …

According to Red Herring’s analysis of Bill Gates’ most recent missive backing blogging, the infrastructure for the bottom-up workplace is being built – by Microsoft.

“Now, Mr. Gates is just getting this idea, but there is a small army of Microsofties already hard at work on this. As Reuters points out, Microsoft already has 700 bloggers on its payroll. About 1.2 percent of the company’s workforce already blogs publicly and there are myriad internal blogs, wikis, and other forms of bottom-up collaboration going on inside the Redmond, Washington-based giant

Indeed, in recent months, Microsoft has hired Ward Cunningham, who created the wiki, an easy collaborative work environment, and last year enlisted Robert Scoble, a tireless blogger and former marketer at blog developer Userland Software, to evangelize Longhorn to developers.

Microsoft is not climbing on the blogging bandwagon late.

It has been riding the blog-RSS railroad for a long while, and may turn it into the juggernaut that attacks Google, leading to a host of M&A activity in the social software space as warring camps stockpile technology for a protracted fight for the bottom-up workplace infrastructure.

...  I’d find more effective ways of publicizing the notions of “wirearchy“.

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