Blogs at Work

Ross Mayfield continues to gather evidence that blogs and wikis are becoming more often used in organizations.

He cites Michael Schrage on “Plogs” (project blogs).  Michael Schrage has been researching collaboration and dialogue since way back when ….

Can you say “the digital equivalent of a pencil and pads of paper, or a flip chart surrounded by a work group  (online)”  ?

I’ll bet that in about five years … by 2010 … the use of blogs in the workplace will be widespread.  This will require the continued spread of “transparency” in the dynamics of networked organizations, and so will continue to create pressure on core issues like leadership, structure and the processes by which people are managed in an interconnected information-based environment.

Just look at the pressures being faced by Donald Rumsfeld and you’ll see an early signal – will leaders be able to lie their way through competitive challenges or major change in organizations ?

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