Are You Ready For The 21st Century ?



Here is one result of a labour of love in which I have been involved for the past three-plus years.


I have been translating (from French) and contributing to the work of Michel Cartier, whom in my opinion is the francophone world’s answer to Alvin Toffler and Marshall McLuhan rolled into one.


In this video, at the end Michel offers a brief glimpse of four possible worlds in which we may want to live .. consumerist, a (renewed) participative democracy, an environmentally conscious world, and an oligarchic soft fascism (security state).


It’s up to us, he says.  Which will it be ?


The very-professional voice-over has been provided by my friend Brian Moffatt (@bmo). 


There are a few corrections left to make in spelling, as the compilation has been done by francophones – coming soon.





Are You Ready for the 21st Century ? from Michel Cartier on Vimeo.




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Dear Jon Husband & Michel Cartier,

great thoughts, great video. I´ve already sent it to all my colleges. The presentation treads the viewer really as a king and makes the thoughts even more powerful!

Did you use Keynote for the presentation and where did you get most of the graphics from? They fit just perfect!

Thanks so much for sharing!


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