We have Met The Enemy – The Enemy Is Us

A hugely important post at Billmon’s Whiskey Bar about the continuing drift to fascism in the USA has people all over the world offering comments, and drawing parallels with other important moments and events in history.

This comment, from an Australian who has seen much history unfold, speaks to one of the core issues.

what people fear is worse than fascist armies in open assault against their own population – though they are & will be used when other means are not available to them

but they have a repetoire of means – which is the slow death of fascism that people are speaking about here – the vulgarisation of their life & its meaning & that is what happened in weimar & that is why people – absolutely normal people chose the little austrian thug & his company

when you livie inside your head as if it was a garrison – then the physical reality of a garrison is not so very far away even if they never need to go there

but i think you underestimate what your judicial system for example has become – & until i start seeing some of the bigboys with their jackets over their heads – i will not relent from what i’m saying. your justice system is being dismantled & it is being dismantled for a reason & the reasons are connected to the way ordinary americans will live in the forseeable future & that is the prettiest picture i can paint.

i think they will go further, much further

prudence & vigilance are necessary

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